Bloody V8MA, Gaming Mouse Review


As I mentioned earlier in this article I ordered a new mouse. And now after some gaming hours with it I feel ready to write a review about that piece of hardware.First I’d like to talk about the appearance and the handling of the mouse and after that I want to describe the features and the software that comes with it.

Optic / Haptic

I really like the appearance of the mouse. It’s smaller than the one I had before and for really big hands may even be too small. The BloodyTech Logo light up in red and I really like the overall finish. The corrugated sides of the mouse are especially appealing to me. There may be the possibility of dirt and debris being caught in the openings but that’s something only time can tell. Up till now I had no issues with that and the grooves on the side of the mouse gives the mouse a good grip.

Something else I really like about the mouse are the gliders at the bottom which are made out of metal. The manufacturer promises about 300km of mouse-movement before the gliders are used up as opposed to the standard 3km with other mice. Again only time can tell if that is an empty promise or not.

The weight of the mouse is within what I would declare as normal range. It doesn’t feel especially heavy nor does it feel especially light.


Features / Software

Straight after plugging it in the mouse was fully functional. No worries there. I decided I also want to test the additional features so I installed the  additional software BloodyTech provided. When I booted up the software the mouse automatically began to update. Well okay, I guess. At some point the update stopped and the mouse was no longer responding. A reboot of my PC didn’t do the trick and reinstalling the driver in Windows 7 also did not help. Even when I plugged the mouse into another PC it wouldn’t respond. As a last resort I reinstalled the provided software from BloodyTech and somehow that solved the problem and the mouse updated completely.

The software is poorly programmed but it does offer the necessary features (sensibility & key bindings of the mouse). You can watch the interface building up at the start of the software but oh well. It’s a huge pro that changes made here are actually saved on the mouse itself so you can take it anywhere and the key bindings will still be present. The main feature of the software are the so-called “cores” which seem to be sold separately on the asian market and can be unlocked by entering a serial number. My mouse came “activated” so I didn’t have to enable any features here. The cores main purpose seem to be to automatically correct recoil in FPS-games.


If you’re like me and don’t need the additional features the software is offering to you, you should really stay away from it. Anyways I wholeheartedly recommend this mouse and I hope I will be able to use it for a long time.


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    1. Sure if you are searching for a cheap but reliable mousepad I would consider getting one of those.


  2. Hey Phyber!

    I agree with what you have just said “It’s smaller than the one I had before and for really big hands may even be too small.” You have made a very good point

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