My order with BloodyTech



Heyas, today I’d like to share the experience I’ve made with the guys from BloodyTech. As my old Steelseries mouse was about to die (made double-clicks by only clicking once) I was looking around for a new mouse that’d fit my needs.

By doing so I stumbled upon the relative young company BloodyTech (2012). And as I was watching my favourite streamer Koroshi being sponsored by those guys I choose to go for it and order one of their mice.

Which one of you should it be?

v8maAfter a short look around I was certain I don’t need a fancy one with special features or something as I don’t play FPS games. Wireless was and still is a no-go for me. I just don’t want to worry about interference or battery issues. So i chose the V8MA and ordered that one right away.


Drama with the order…

I ordered the mouse on the 28th of April and paid via PayPal and a few seconds later my order was on “processing”. A few days later my order was still standing with the status “processing” so I decided to contact the guys over at BloodyTech. But how? It took me a while but I finally found an e-mail address I could write to. They advertised it for applicants for their sponsoring program but, oh well maybe they can help me out or at least tell me where to write to. After another week of waiting for a reply I decided to write again but I also begun to worry about my money.

…but still a Happyend

bloody-mousepadOn the 11th of May I still had no response from BloodyTech but then my girlfriend pointed out that they have a Facebook page. So as sort of last resort I wrote on their Facebook wall with not hoping to get any reply. But surprisingly they answered within a day and said they would be checking for my order. And just after another day they told me my order has now been sent. Only two days later the delivery guy of DHL Express was standing at my door with my new mouse from the Netherlands. That was fast. As I was unpacking my mouse I got greeted by a mousepad of BloodyTech which they included as redemption for my hassle. Way to go guys! I am a happy customer now.


In conclusion I am not really happy with my order processing from BloodyTech but for my waiting time of 17 days I got a free mousepad so I can recommend ordering by those guys. If they make a mistake they will make it up to you. For quality and handling and stuff on the mouse I will write a separate post when I got some experience with it.



This post only represents my experience with my order and is by no means to be taken for a general conclusion.

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