Roccat Kave Solid 5.1 Gaming Headset Review


I got a new headset recently and now that I have spent some time with it I want to write a review. My old headset broke and I was forced to buy a new one. This time around I didn’t want to go for a cheap one, instead I wanted to spend some more money on a great one with good reviews.Roccat seems to simultaneously have a lot of fans but also a lot of haters I thought I would go out and form my own opinion on their products. I wanted to test the general quality of Roccat products, especially as I am considering to buy a mechanical keyboard soon.

I chose to buy the Kave 5.1, as I already have an onboard soundcard which supports 5.1 surround-sound, therefore I did not need the version with the included USB-Soundcard. Furthermore the Kulo was not an option for me as I have quite sensitive ears and need to go for over-ear speakers.

Now the review…


Optic / Haptic

What I noticed first was the size and weight of the headset. It was the biggest and heaviest headset I’ve gotten my hands on so far. It may be this heavy because it has 3 speakers on each side. This means it has real surround-sound instead of the simulated stuff most headsets come with. All in all it does seem durable, has a really sleek look to it and seems rather high-end. Well that’s what I would say at least, if it weren’t for the strange connective part between speakers and strap.


Those look far too flimsy, especially for those heavy speakers on each side. This nearly got me to return the headset -before it breaks and my money is gone- but I decided to give the Kave (and thus Roccat) a fair chance.


One of the most important parts about a headset is the sound. This is a huge plus for Roccat, I’ve never experienced such a great sound from a headset. Not even my trusty headphones (quite cheap ones though) can compete with the Kave. But, as often stated, sound is a matter of taste and you most likely have to hear it for yourself. The elimination of the environmental noise also works very nicely. For example if I am expecting a visitor, I have to leave one speaker off of one ear to make sure I will hear the door bell.


The Kave is to be connected via 4 audio jacks and one USB-cable for power supply. So you need a 5.1 supporting sound card already installed in your computer. That’s it for the connection part.


The remote is quite massive and heavy. Therefore it’s probably best to have it laying down on your desk instead of hanging on the loose. You are able to open and close the remote but this requires quite the effort and I even had to use two hands to get it open. But that’s not too bad as the main buttons are reachable even if the remote is closed.

The configuration options that can be adjusted with the remote are:

  • Volume for the Center/Front/Sub/Back-speakers
  • Switching between game and movie profile

With a press of the button on the side of the remote the microphone can be muted. By pressing this button a little control-LED also lights up, so you can actually see if you are muted. I like that! By pressing the button in the middle of the volume adjustment wheel you can also mute all the speakers. That is a feature I really don’t want to miss out on in the future.


I’m happy with my new headset, however I just can’t give an unrestricted recommendation for it. The connection part between speaker and strap is holding up, for now. Furthermore I only would recommend this headset to people who can carry the weight of a heavy headset and who are ready to give the Kave some time to get used to, since it can do a number on your neck muscles. I’m still sceptical when it comes to Roccat products and only time will tell if the headset will break or not. Depending on that I will form my opinion of Roccat in the future.

Well, I’m off to look at some mechanical keyboards! Any recommendations?


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