Current Project – LoL API



Hi there just a little heads up. I’m currently working on a API for League of Legends. It’s written in Java and is depending on the RTMPS-Client from vaneyckster. It’s a locale API so you have to run it on your machine and make sure to enter some login credentials in the lol-login.xml file. There is not much for now (Champions, Items &  Summonerspells as well as a recent match history with some awesome stats) and the GUI is still being worked on. But if you want to have a look there you go!

Features planned so far are:

  • providing an API for developers
  • providing a GUI for every method and function of the API to give non developers access
  • providing some kind of persistence to save the fetched data from the API and make some awesome statistics

Information planned to provide with API:

  • Champions with name & id
  • Items with name & id
  • Summoner spells with name & id
  • Recent match history with lots of stats e.g. wards placed / enemy jungle minions killed(by summonername & summonerid)
  • Rune- & Masterypages of summoner (by summonername & id)
  • Summoner information (League ‘n stuff)


If you want to be part of it just leave me a message I’ll come back to you later.

Greetings & LATER!

Need them comments pls!