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Projects I’m interested in / working on 

As I’m also interested in IT-Security quite a lot, I’m not only into software but also into hardware stuff. So here I want to show off some things I made / am making.

Rubberducky by Hak5 – link

The Rubberducky is a HID for the computer which can enter keystrokes automatically. I got a Teensy++ 2.0 and decided to make a low budget version of the Rubberducky. FOTOS

It’s programmed by me with help of the arduino plugin from the teensy developers.

Pineapple by Hak5 – link

The Pineapple is a Wifi honeypot. I decided to not buy one from Hak5 but make my own out of an spare Fonera wireless router. As well as connect a battery pack to it which is also self made. FOTOS

It runs on the Mark III Firmware of the Pineapple which is released as open source from the guys over at Hak5

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