Developer portfolio

Here you’ll find a list of projects I was involved into or did on my own.

Freetime Projects


This is a web application written in PHP it’s unfinished. It contains a registration and betting-system with virtual currency on matches of the video game “League of Legends”. I was in charge of everything based on PHP and the Database and a fellow student did all the layout (CSS) and the HTML-Templates. We stopped development to have more time for our bachelor thesis.

Usage of:

  • Object oriented PHP
  • MySQL Database
  • Self written template system
  • Trac with Subversion for the ticket system and revisioning
  • Googles captcha
  • MVC design pattern

Diary of Legends – link

This is an application I currently have halted development on, due to a third-party API, which the application heavily relies on, that is no longer available. It is used to track your progress in the computer game “League of Legends” and saves said progress to a local database. I developed that application in my free time. It’s completely written in Java. 

Usage of:

  • Object oriented database (db4o)
  • Third-party-API (JSON)
  • MVC design pattern
  • Logging library (log4j)
  • Multi-threading
  • Swing

Election system for local youth council

This was a web application to help make the election of the local youth council electronic. It had the priority on security. It was written in PHP.

Usage of:

  • Procedural programming in PHP
  • Functions:
    • Creating an amount of users with password
    • user authentication
    • Vote only once for a canidate in a group

KnowledgeNG – link

This desktop application was developed by me for the purpose of having a mobile wiki with my own knowledge on a usb-stick with me everywhere I go.

Usage of:

  • Sqlite database
  • MySQL database
  • MVC design pattern
  • Swing

List of Tools / Techniques / Design-Patterns I stumbled upon durning work time and private projects

  • Google Web Toolkit – GWT (developed an own application)
  • Oracle database (usage only, no administration)
  • J2EE (changed an existing application)
  • Java (developed multiple desktop applications)

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